I finally did it!


Yes, that may sound like a random title for a first post. Finally? What did she finally do?

This is what I’m going to do in my first blog post. While I usually HATE going down the traditional route (it’s very typical to start a blog by introducing yourself) but I will need to since you readers need to figure out whether I’m interesting enough or not.

So what did I finally do? Oh, start a blog of course! I’ve been contemplating the idea of starting a blog for 3 years now. I’m an avid follower of various blogs in Kuwait such as 248am, Frankom, ZDistrict, Ansam518, Danderma, Expat and the City, Desertgirl Kuwait to name a few. I enjoy reading their stories, yet I have so many things I keep wanting to send to them to post about. So why not do it myself?

Why did I call it Little Voices in My Head? Because that’s what it really is. These little voices randomly pop up and I have a million topics and questions about a million things that I can’t post on my Facebook profile because I want to hide behind this persona while doing it 🙂

As part of my “I’m going to put my head to do something, and actually do it” resolution, this is the beginning. I wanted to start a blog, I’m going to do it! And I finally did.


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