I am nobody. Or am I somebody?


So a dialogue between me and an acquaintance goes like this:

Person: So what’s your favorite movie?
Me: I don’t have a favorite movie – I have lots of movies I like.
Person: Seriously? How can you not have an all-time favorite movie?
Me: I don’t know – I have lots of favorites I don’t want to single just one out.
Person: Wait, so how about music?
Me: I like all types of music. I have everyone ranging from Britney Spears and Justin Bieber to Missy Elliott and Portishead.
Person: *Blank expression* So are you a pop person? Hip-hop person? Alternative lover?
Me: I can kind of say that hip-hop is a top pick for me, but it really depends on the song. If the music or lyrics are catchy to me then I’ll like it. I don’t like to say I won’t listen to a whole category of music because it sucks (except for maybe really hardcore rock cause its REALLY loud).
Person: Then who are you?
Me: What does that question have to do with anything?
Person: The music you like, the movies you prefer, they all define what kind of person you are. If you like everything and don’t mind anything, it means you’re just passive. You don’t really have a unique identity.
Me: Umm, wow that’s kind of harsh. These things have nothing to do with who I am I don’t have to limit myself to define who I am. Maybe you can say I’m eccentric and open to many things.
Person: Yea, but there’s nothing that make you stand out.

Well, this went on for a while. But it got me thinking – do I really have to have a favorite “something” to be a unique person? So basically if if I don’t prefer a certain genre of movies, shows, or music, that makes me a person with no specific personality? While I may not necessarily think that’s true, it really did make me take a hard look at myself.

What do you think? Am I an eccentric, open minded person, or am I undefinable?


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