Work. Meh.


I’m suffering from what you may call “ergophobia”. In plain English that’s fear of work. I just DESPISE dragging myself to work every single day to the point that I have nightmares on a daily basis because I do NOT want to go.

Am I lazy? No. Do I have ambitions? Certainly! But my issue is with the one person I think we can all familiarize ourselves with: the “boss”. Even worse: “the female boss”. OK OK, now men shouldn’t get all smug and happy, but it’s true. I’ve experienced it first-hand – female bosses are much more worse than male bosses, especially to other females. ESPECIALLY if this boss resembles symptoms of a “single white female” (you know that movie with the girl having borderline personality disorder? Yep). As much as we all have difficult bosses, this has reached beyond the point of difficulty. She’s unprofessional, psychotic, racist, reveals secrets of everyone at the office and makes everyone feel that they mount to nothing. Now being career driven, this is not where I envisioned myself 4 years after graduation.

Whatever the situation is, it’s making miserable. I’m starting to think I picked the wrong career, that I want to move out, or continue my studies elsewhere. It’s left me in a dilemma because I have no clue how to get out of this. I’m at a point where I believe no other job in this field is going to make me happy. I believe I’m also suffering from Sleep Apnea, because no matter how much I sleep, I wake up exhausted every single day. I’ve gained weight, my skin isn’t healthy, and I’m blaming it on everything and everyone.

Sure, yea, you have rules on how to deal with stress at work. But when you’re at a point where you don’t want to deal with stress, what do you do? I have debts. I want to move jobs, but I’m tired of moving to jobs I don’t want to do. I don’t know where to look. Should I leave Kuwait? Or should I stay?

I just needed to rant. The situation at work is getting worse everyday and I feel helpless.


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