HTC – It’s not me, It’s You.


I’ve had the HTC Desire for about a year and 3 months now. I love the phone, I think it’s a great alternative to the iPhone and it really goes to show that you don’t need the iPhone to have a great touchscreen smartphone.

I’m a big supporter of the Android OS for several reasons:

  • Personalization – I love customizing the way my phone looks. With the Android OS, you most probably have several home screens where you can have a screen with a calendar, or an e-mail widget. If you use your phone mostly for social purposes, you can have Facebook on one screen, Twitter on another, and your favorite contacts on one. These “widgets” allow you to customize your phone whichever way you like.
  • You don’t need iTunes – I hate that with my iPod, I need to sync it every time to the same iTunes on one laptop/PC. With Android, I just need a PC and a cable.
  • Widgets – I know I already mentioned them, but they need another mention. Best. Invention. EVER. My phone doesn’t always look the same with this invention. Instead of little icons everywhere, I have a weather widget, a Facebook widget where I can just post a status, a YouTube widget for quick searches, newspapers widget, e-mail widget, the list goes on.
  • Google Integration – Enough said.
  • Notification Bar – I love that any e-mails, application updates, messages, and missed calls are all united under one notification bar at the top of the phone easy for me to check.
  • App Market – Yes, the iPhone Market may have more apps, but the Android market is catching up real quick. Plus we have a lot more apps for free 🙂
  • Hardware Choices – I’m not confined with one hardware supplier. I can choose from HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and LG.
  • It’s not an iPhone – Yes, I’m biased. I’m a hardcore Android fan and adamantly against owning an iPhone 🙂
Now, for the REAL reason I’m writing this post (I took the opportunity to promote the Android OS, that’s how much I love it!). My HTC Desire has been great up until now. It’s been freezing a lot, where the phone is on, you can call me and it’ll ring but to me it appears the screen is dead. Therefore, I have to take out the battery and restart the phone every time that happens (oh that’s another pro – replaceable battery. Convinced now?:)) Another thing is I’ve been getting “low memory” notifications. But wait a minute – my phone has an expandable memory. So let me shift everything onto the SD card right? Wrong. NOT every application can move to the card, specifically widgets. They need to be saved on the phone. And there, I make the discovery that my 1.5 GB of internal memory is too low because some things just need to be saved on the phone.
I did some research, and realised almost all HTC phones have low internal memory. OMG WHY? So I e-mailed and asked them! Of course, the MEA HTC office was useless. Their answer had nothing to do with my question and after going back and forth I gave up on the question.
Although I love HTCs, I’m going to need to look elsewhere for my next phone. I love my widgets too much. Samsung was my second option. Does anyone have any feedback on that?

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  1. oh Wow, I have dealt with the exact same situation dealing with this phone(now having it for over a year). I’m not sure why it’s starting to freeze, that never happened to me before. But the low memory thing has caused me nightmares. I rooted the device giving me full access, this gave me the ability to force applications to my memory, even if they don’t have that feature present. A month later and I get the memory low issue again(are you kidding me). At the time, it was the rise of Android Tablets, so I bought an 32GB Asus Transformer and installed all the games that were sucking all my memory and uninstalled them off my hTC Desire.

    So I’m good, for now. If you use a Zain or Viva line I recommend you get a package with the Samsung Galaxy S II, the device is Android’s flagship from Samsung and it is just brilliant with 16GB/32GB memory taking all your worries away. Both telecoms offer a 1/2 year package that will grant you the 200KD+ device for free. As for me, I’m waiting for the EVO 3D from hTC to be released, it’s the first 3D mobile screen, I can’t help but want it. It has a 1GB internal memory so it’s not suitable for everyone I suppose.

    • Yea, I’m starting to think maybe the freezing problem is due to the low internal memory? Or maybe a batch of the HTC Desires have a motherboard problem? (I notice this problem occurs more when the phone is charging).
      I was definitely considering going for the Samsung Galaxy SII. I have a Zain line, can I get the phone on my existing line or will I have to purchase a new line?

  2. I don’t think the low memory is causing crashes, I think it’s a software or hardware malfunction. Maybe you dropped the device pretty hard once or something, though I did drop mine on the street and he got a nasty scar but nothing happened. As for Zain, they have 3 offers for the Samsung Galaxy II. You can use it with your existing line.

    1. Unlimited Calls, SMS and Internet + Free Galaxy S II for 59KD p/m for a year
    2.(Not sure how many minutes) + Free internet + Free Galaxy S II For 29KD p/m for 2 years
    3. Same as #2 except for 1 year. You will have to pay 50KD for the Samsung Galaxy S II

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