Why is it so hard to commit to a diet and exercise regimen?


I have been dieting since the age of 13. I’ve been aware of how my body looks like/should look like since that age. During the course of 12 years, I have been through diets ranging from those which require me not to eat at all (obviously an irrational choice) to those which allow me to eat high fat, high protein meals but no carbs. I was able to finally figure out which diet works best for me – the South Beach Diet.

I liked that I was able to eventually reintroduce healthy carbs after two weeks. However, the first time I did this diet and stopped eating carbs for two weeks (no fruits, too) it was hell. I eventually got used to it but being the sweet tooth I am, I had to have at least one fruit serving a day.

Now I’m at a phase where I don’t really follow strict rules – if I feel I had too much to eat for breakfast, I eat less at lunch. But everytime I log online, I read tips about how fruit juice is bad and red meat is bad and you shouldn’t eat this or that..TOO many rules to think of when I’m eating! I’m not saying I want to be able to eat junk food every single day that is obviously unhealthy. I just want to be able to enjoy a meal without having to think of every single calorie in it. My downfall, I admit, is exercise. When I had a gym membership used to actually go 5 days a week and enjoy it. But now, my gym membership expired and it seems so expensive to join any gym in Kuwait. I can’t just take a walk outside, and nothing else gets me motivated. I know I know, it sounds like I’m making excuses. I’m just tired of thinking of FOOD! Especially in a country with such amazing restaurant choices! 😀


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