ALL girls (and boys of course) are perfume obsessive. Well, let’s just say at least 95% of us are.

I’m always looking for new scents based on my mood. In general, I prefer the sweet smelling perfumes (not a fan of floral scents unless they’re mixed right with lots of other yummy smelling ingredients).

In Kuwait – absolutely every time I go out I smell a perfume scent on someone and I just want to go up to ask them what IS this perfume you have on but I don’t have the guts to. Everyone smells so nice and I’m always out on the search for the perfect scent! But there is no perfect scent..I always end up changing my mind.

I’m gonna list a couple of my favorites: 





Christian Dior – Hypnotic Poison 

Absolute favorite. It has this vanilla-ish scent I love and it makes you feel really good. However, on a bad day or if I am having a massive headache the scent can bug me.









Britney Spears – Hidden Fantasy

I don’t know what it is about this perfume but every time I have it on i get compliments on how good I smell.










Jean Paul Gaultier – Classique

I’ve been using this for the past 7 years. Fail-proof. Can never get sick of it. It’s a pretty strong scent, but an all-time classic.











Dolce & Gabbana – No. 3

I love how this scent makes me feel so fresh every time I have it on. It’s really the kind of scent where people will wander where this amazing smell is coming from.










Givenchy – Play for Her

Ladies, this needs a special mention. There is no way you can have this on and not feel like the hottest woman in the room. It’s that good.





Other perfumes deserve a mention as well such as Burberry – The Beat, Lalique – Perles De Lalique, Gucci – Guilty.

Now, what are YOUR favorites? I’d love to know! (So I can try them out and see if I can find more amazing scents:))


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