Quarter Life Crisis.


OK, so I’ve spoken about being sick of work. Now, I’m starting to think that this has made me change my mind about my whole career path.

I went off to university as a 16 year old, with artistic talents and a creative mind. I loved reading, writing, coming up with ideas; yet, I was also good in math, the sciences and other “left-brained” subjects. Obviously, I wasn’t able to really discover what I wanted to do at that age, so I went off and did what everyone else did and pursued the “common” subject. Business. I did well for four years and specialised in Finance and Marketing. I came back to Kuwait, looked for jobs, started my career in Marketing and that’s what I’ve been doing since.


Whilst I enjoyed my work (to a certain degree), I started to get bored very quickly. Let me just say I hate routine, desk jobs, slow, never-ending tasks that are pointless. Well to me anyhow. I want to be part of the bigger picture. I don’t dream of becoming a manager, or running an office. I dream of creating an idea, writing, working around the clock with a smile on my face, coming back home feeling satisfied. This just isn’t happening, which has led me to conclude that I need a career change (other than the fact that my boss is an unethical, unprofessional cow who believes anyone who works under her is literally her *itch).

Where, just WHERE, do you start to look? How do you figure out where you want to go? Or what you want to do? It’s such a difficult phase Β to go through and I can’t seem to get my head straight! Any thoughts?


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  1. I happened to land on your blog after googling ‘quarter life crisis’ and boy was I glad to find it!

    Your blog post has summed up all the things I’ve been pondering over for the last few months. As it so happens, I specialized in ‘Marketing’ too and I was naive enough to believe that it would land me an exciting job. No such thing happened.

    I hate being tied to the desk too. Le sigh!

  2. Yes being tied to a desk is torture.

    I figured I’m gonna stick it out for a while until I find something I REALLY want to to, rather then just jump from pointless job to job. (I’m thinking maybe a publishing company would be fun?)

    Good luck with your discovery journey πŸ™‚

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