OJ Simpson, All Over Again


This Casey Anthony trial got me really enraged. It’s as if we’re back in 1995.

A 2 year old, Caylee Anthony, went missing. Her mother never reported her. Instead, she was out partying for a whole month until her own mother sensed the smell of a dead body in her daughter’s car and reported it to the police. They started investigating. She told the investigators a million lies. Changed her story many times. They found the little girl’s body months later. During the trial, her mother suddenly changed her tone. She started defending her daughter. Suddenly, the defense team decided to come up with another story, where Caylee actually drowned and that’s their defense. Eventually, after a lot of going back and forth, the jury ACQUITTED Casey Anthony. On what basis? That there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove that she was guilty. Well, there was certainly enough evidence to prove she wasn’t innocent! I mean, even if she did drown, her mother DUMPED her body and never reported it! ISN’T THAT A CRIME?

Where’s the justice? What kind of mother doesn’t report that her 2 year old daughter went missing? AND parties whilst she was missing? How can the jury sympathize with this monster? It makes me think twice about the authenticity of the jury. It seems that everyone is enraged that she’s going to be free except for the jury, who seem to think she is a sane, innocent woman. Where’s the fairness in this? A little child is dead, and it’s going to go unpunished because “there is not enough evidence”. What do they want, an actual video of the murder?

It saddens me to think we have reached a point where murderers can run free. All I hope is that one day this woman will get what she deserves and justice prevails. I also hope that media doesn’t turn her into a celebrity and gives this undeserving woman millions for “exclusive interviews” or book deals.


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