New Phone..Hmmm.


I love this part. I do so much research it takes me ages to eventually buy one. But I LOVE buying new phones. And the phone had better be flawless (well, mostly). 

Since my HTC Desire is really messing up lately, I’m fed up of tolerating the freezing problem and decided to get a new phone. Now, I’m considering the BB 9900 for the time being. Anyone got it? If so, please let me know how is your experience with it so far!

The reason I didn’t choose a touchscreen smartphone is because I’m confused. I love HTC’s but I have a big problem with them – they all have very low internal memory and since widgets need to be saved on the internal memory it runs low very quick and you start deleting a lot.  

So I’ve narrowed it down to the Samsung Galaxy SII OR the iPhone 5. I know, I’ve said I’m against iPhones but the only reason I’m considering is because a) as I said, I can’t tolerate the low internal memory in HTC’s b) I’m not loving the plastic-y feel of the Samsung SII. The phone is awesome and I love Android. But, it feels so cheap. Am I right? So please help me out..should I wait for the iPhone 5? Get the Samsung Galaxy SII? Or is there another great phone running Android?

Hello, gorgeous! If some leaked case specs are to be believed, the iPhone 5 might look very much like this.

                Retrieved from     

Retrieved from GSM Arena

(If the iPhone looks like the rumored image, I will definitely consider it.)


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