Pinkberry Kuwait vs. Pinkberry Turkey


So I found Pinkberry in Istanbul! Yay! They have two locations so far, in two pretty popular shopping malls (thanks to Al Shaya). However, in one of the malls I love the way they set it up. There is an outdoor seating area so you get to enjoy your frozen yoghurt outdoors. I popped in to grab myself some (I’ve been craving it for some weird reason – I literally have it every 2 days in Kuwait). I noticed several different things here:

  • Sizes – They have a small, medium and large, yet they’re all small containers than the ones in Kuwait. (The large and medium are still sufficient, but the small is pretty small).
  • Flavors – They have the same flavors except for the Mango. However, I didn’t notice if they had mixes like we do in Kuwait.
  • Toppings – Lots of toppings. The strawberries were to die for, they also had gummi bears, biscuits and brownies as toppings (not sure if we have that in Kuwait?)
  • Prices – NOW, here’s the real sh0ocker. The small one is for 4 TRY, which is, wait for it – 0.630 KD. Yep. The medium size is 5 TRY (0.787 KD) and the large is 6 TRY (0.944 KD). What the..? What’s with the huge price difference? OH, and you get AS MANY TOPPINGS AS YOU LIKE. You’re not confined to 4 or 6 toppings. As many as you like.
So what’s with the pricing strategy? Is it because Turkish people wouldn’t pay that much for frozen yogurt? Or they’re testing the product so they want to price it at a lower price intially? Either way, its a huge difference. The funny thing is Al Shaya’s other stores in Turkey (Topshop, Debenhams, Starbucks) are not priced differently. So how come!? Either way, I’m happy 😀



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