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Random YouTube Videos.


OK, so I wanted to share some YouTube videos with you guys.

1. I LOVE THIS SHOW (some of you will find it cheesy) but this is an awesome Hip-hop routine

2. Best New Artist? Really MTV? I find this song scary…and disturbing. WARNING: Not for the light-hearted. 

3. I kind of can’t stop listening to this song nowadays..


New Phone..Hmmm.


I love this part. I do so much research it takes me ages to eventually buy one. But I LOVE buying new phones. And the phone had better be flawless (well, mostly). 

Since my HTC Desire is really messing up lately, I’m fed up of tolerating the freezing problem and decided to get a new phone. Now, I’m considering the BB 9900 for the time being. Anyone got it? If so, please let me know how is your experience with it so far!

The reason I didn’t choose a touchscreen smartphone is because I’m confused. I love HTC’s but I have a big problem with them – they all have very low internal memory and since widgets need to be saved on the internal memory it runs low very quick and you start deleting a lot.  

So I’ve narrowed it down to the Samsung Galaxy SII OR the iPhone 5. I know, I’ve said I’m against iPhones but the only reason I’m considering is because a) as I said, I can’t tolerate the low internal memory in HTC’s b) I’m not loving the plastic-y feel of the Samsung SII. The phone is awesome and I love Android. But, it feels so cheap. Am I right? So please help me out..should I wait for the iPhone 5? Get the Samsung Galaxy SII? Or is there another great phone running Android?

Hello, gorgeous! If some leaked case specs are to be believed, the iPhone 5 might look very much like this.

                Retrieved from     

Retrieved from GSM Arena

(If the iPhone looks like the rumored image, I will definitely consider it.)

Pinkberry Kuwait vs. Pinkberry Turkey


So I found Pinkberry in Istanbul! Yay! They have two locations so far, in two pretty popular shopping malls (thanks to Al Shaya). However, in one of the malls I love the way they set it up. There is an outdoor seating area so you get to enjoy your frozen yoghurt outdoors. I popped in to grab myself some (I’ve been craving it for some weird reason – I literally have it every 2 days in Kuwait). I noticed several different things here:

  • Sizes – They have a small, medium and large, yet they’re all small containers than the ones in Kuwait. (The large and medium are still sufficient, but the small is pretty small).
  • Flavors – They have the same flavors except for the Mango. However, I didn’t notice if they had mixes like we do in Kuwait.
  • Toppings – Lots of toppings. The strawberries were to die for, they also had gummi bears, biscuits and brownies as toppings (not sure if we have that in Kuwait?)
  • Prices – NOW, here’s the real sh0ocker. The small one is for 4 TRY, which is, wait for it – 0.630 KD. Yep. The medium size is 5 TRY (0.787 KD) and the large is 6 TRY (0.944 KD). What the..? What’s with the huge price difference? OH, and you get AS MANY TOPPINGS AS YOU LIKE. You’re not confined to 4 or 6 toppings. As many as you like.
So what’s with the pricing strategy? Is it because Turkish people wouldn’t pay that much for frozen yogurt? Or they’re testing the product so they want to price it at a lower price intially? Either way, its a huge difference. The funny thing is Al Shaya’s other stores in Turkey (Topshop, Debenhams, Starbucks) are not priced differently. So how come!? Either way, I’m happy 😀


Get Civilized?!


Is this ad for real? I can’t get over the fact that someone even approved this. Not someone, PEOPLE approved this. I’m sure in a huge company like Nivea, the deliberation process is lengthy. Yet it still got published. I don’t blame the advertising agency, I blame those who approved it to go through. Shame on Nivea, I can’t get over the fact that they used the word “civilize”. Very bad taste.

Bad Month. (s).


So I’ve refrained from blogging, actually, I haven’t refrained per se but I was just so moved by many losses that have taken place over the past month.

Firstly, I hear about the passing of person I didn’t personally know, but have heard of and know her social circle. She passed away in a tragic car accident at the age of 29.

Secondly, Amy Winehouse passes away at the age of 27. (Many say they saw it coming, but she has actually been making the effort to clean up her act).

Thirdly, someone’s sister in the university I studied in passed away while working out at a gym. She was in her late 20’s and she had a 4 year old daughter.

Fourthly, another American guy working in ITT was preparing to leave to the states for good within a week. He passed away by crashing into a fuel tanker on his way to work.

Lastly, a friend’s fiance has passed away.

Yes, death is unpredictable and happens every day. But I have never experienced the death of so many people I knew or knew of in such a short period of time. On top of that, they were all in their late 2o’s, still at the beginning of their journey.

This has made me think and ponder and allowed me to reevaluate my life in so many ways. I will work on making the most of every moment, no regrets:

  • I will love my family and friends, unconditionally. They can get annoying, fussy, or demanding all the want. I will let them know I love them and make them proud everyday.
  • I need to start accomplishing the goals I want to achieve. Whether its travelling to new countries or taking up photography, I need to start.
  • I will not waste my time with shallow, superficial, “fake” people. I will not put up with that s*** anymore.
  • I will become closer to God. I have neglected to do so in the past couple of years for no reason at all. Having faith in God is what strengthens me and I need to start working on my spirituality.
  • I will start saving money. Yea yea yea, I’ve been working for the past 3 years and haven’t saved a penny. I just have a bad tendency of spending a lot when I’m bored. No more (that’s not to say I won’t indulge every once in a while).
  • I will work on becoming healthier and fitter – my health has been experiencing a setback recently and its all due to bad lifestyle choices.
  • I will enjoy the simpler things in life – walking, reading, swimming, spending time with family at home. Life has become too fast and high tech that we have forgotten the small meaningful activities we once enjoyed.
  • I need to support a cause and become an active member – so all the money I’ve spent on clothes or bags or shoes that I get sick of very quickly could’ve been spent on a cause which needs this money more than I need a bag or a new pair of jeans. Every time I think I need a new shirt or bag, I’ll think a little harder as to what this money can do to a homeless child or ailing person.
  • I will let the small things go – its not worth it dwelling on the little things that happen. People will always want to talk about you, whether you do something good or bad or worthy or not. Let them talk. Live your life the way you want to while they sit and talk about it.
Don’t worry peeps, I’m not becoming Amish, I’m just learning to better live a meaningful life.
May all those people who passed away Rest in Peace. God be with their families and grant them strength.